Interior, Exterior and Architectural Services in Limassol, Cyprus

3D Photorealistic Designs

3D visualization of interior and exterior spaces, furniture and products through the creation of photo realistic 3D models and high quality 3D renderings that will impress you.

Color and Textures

Find the perfect color variations and textures for your interior and exterior house walls. Get help in order to paint your walls or select from a wide range of contemporary 3D wall cladding to full-scale art installations, providing an interesting contrast to your furnishings and a simple, creative, modern, elegant or luxurious style.

Complete and Rich Set of Drawings

Preparation of a set of construction documents consisting of Structural and Architectural drawings organized from most general to most specific or specialized, showing the overall design of the project.

Design of Functional Solutions

Design of interior and exterior spaces that serve a purpose and follow function and are equally efficient and appealing. Planning for people and with a purpose is a primary concern. As a result, functional spaces are more valuable and appealing.

Exterior Design

Exterior spaces are the first thing neighbors, visitors and potential buyers see, so you want your exterior design to impress. Whether you are considering an exterior remodel or simply want to enhance your home’s aesthetic and ambiance, choosing the right exterior design for your home is an important undertaking.

Fabric and Textile Selection

The selection of fabric and textile is an important task that adds balance, harmony, color and texture to your interior or exterior space. Improve the comfort, the warmth and the overall look of your space with the correct selection of curtains, bed sheets, pillows, blankets, carpets etc.

Floor and Building Material Selection

Choose from a wide variety in flooring conforming several styles, finishes and installation options. Benefit from an astonishing array of choices that meets your needs and reflects your personal tastes and lifestyle.


Style your indoor and outdoor space with a variety of furniture and appliances. Transform your seating area in a way that will match your personal and architecture style and needs.

Interior Renovations

Remodeling and upgrades in residential, office and commercial premises, by introducing innovative ideas and integrated solutions. Let me help you to facelift and improve your space with a fast, simple and economic way.

Project Management and Supervision

Review and coordination of day-to-day operations of a project, introducing innovative ideas and ensuring its completion in time and within budget. Well organized procedures and cooperation with experienced and professionals with reputation in the field of architecture, interior and exterior spaces. Introducing innovative ideas and integrated solutions to the execution and delivery of high quality projects and aesthetic perfection.

Space Lighting

Light up and style your space with modern and chic lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, wall and ceiling lights or light fixtures. Get help for accessories suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that will flatter your space.